Literary Cravings

Book Review of ‘The Girl on the train’

Rating : 4/5

Genre : Mystery fiction

Age recommended : 18 and up.

Why ‘Girl on the train’? : To kick start 2016 in a (my version of) wonderful way, I made a grab for this mystery thriller.What laid ahead were uncountable hours of me glued to the book and arousal of more thirst for thrill as I turned pages. Turns out the story trickles down answers bit by bit to the curious questions swirling in a reader’s mind. The end is certainly not an easy guesswork.Totally unpredictable!

What is it all about? :  ‘The Girl on the train’ , as the name reads out, is about a girl named Rachel who commutes by a train daily. This train is like a second home to her. She loves watching people at their homes from the huge glass windows of her train.One such couple, whom she spots everyday on their terrace,breakfasting together was her favorite watch. She has even named the couple – Jess and Jason. Jason was her idea of a perfect partner, just like Tom, her ex-husband, with whom she recently separated.

One day she saw something shocking. She saw Jess on the same terrace, but with another man.The train raced forward but one moment was enough for Rachel to figure out that the man was not Jason. Before she could reconcile from that shock, the newspapers next day announced that the same girl, Jess had gone missing. Unable to stop herself, she goes to the police and tells them what she had seen.Instead of being a help, her alcoholic self increases issues for herself as well as all others around. In addition to this, are the constant complains from her ex-husband’s wife to the police that Rachel has been trying to harm her baby. It turns out, Jess shared the same neighborhood where Rachel’s ex-husband, Tom lived with his wife. Unable to keep her mind off Jess, Rachel often finds herself in that neighborhood, often outside Tom’s house, which was once her own.She finds out that Jess had worked as a baby sitter for Ana, Tom’s wife, a year back but left her job abruptly one day.Rachel contacts Jess’s husband, Jason and affirms that, they were a couple much in love indeed.Enters Dr. kamal Abdic, Jess’s psychologist. Jess’s sizzling extra marital affair with Kamal enhances the shock element at this point more than ever. Rachel’s drinking habits leads to a hazy memory of the night Jess had gone missing. She feels she had seen Jess that night but is unable to recover under which circumstances had she spotted her. Will she be able to recover her memory? There is a lot to unravel and a lot more to be deciphered. Will Jess ever return? Is she dead? If yes, then who killed her?

Mood to read ? : If you are in a mood of psychological thrillers, I bet you will have a great time relentlessly turning pages off this book, to find out, Who is the one creating a huge haze behind which lie deep, untold secrets? Hop on this train and I bet you won’t face any disappointment.




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