Those precious days – My schooldays !

School….A place, many of us wanted to bunk back then…A place, most of us long to go back now..

Carefree,wild,naughty,exciting,colorful,jittery… We surely fall short of adjectives when we describe schooldays. When i think of school,many beautiful memories come rushing along.Starting with everyday headache of mom in the morning to drag us out of bed and get us ready for school to the familiar national anthem at prayer,Indian pledge indicating the start of a day, those regular checking of nails and news at the morning assembly, Red ribbons on our neat,dangling plaits, the absolutely spotless similar patterned uniform, Harry-pottered glasses of the never smiling, strict school principal, that big, fat, scary cane in her hand, the scrupulously tidy brown cover of thick textbooks, the all-time crowded playground, that last school bell which used to feature as a favorite track of my childhood playlist…and numerous other such small events which reflect innocence, love and mischief, all rolled into one.When else will one get a chance to hold all hands together, form a circle and sing ‘ringa ringa roses’ in chorus.Its a wonder, how easily we tend to forget the things that we do in our daily lives yet schooldays turn so hard to forget. Starting from Our first fight to our first crush, school breathes in each of our childhood memory.Although we had the funniest moments of our lives at school, the funnier thing is, that same place taught us the most valuable lessons of life.  At times, when this frenetic pace of my life wears me down. I do realize that those days were undoubtedly, the purest of all..


Penning down a few lines in the honour of those precious days:

I entered this place, tears in my eyes, not leaving my mother’s finger, holding onto her leg very tight and pleading not to let me go alone.. Complaining and unwillingly, i turned the pages of my books to learn my very first words.. Sharing my favorite tiffin with a stranger,i felt the first whisps of friendship.. Waking up early for school every morning at the same time taught me about discipline.. Jumping the walls of the school compound, then getting punished with a 2 period kneel down with a shameless grin, i had my full share of growing up.. Checking my school diary for homeworks everyday, i understood what hard work and practice meant..  Final exams gave me nightmares but report card taught me what fruits of labour meant.. Never realising how years flew by in this manner.. I left this place, with same tears in my eyes, not wanting to end this routine, not letting go of memories that still stand as the best in life.. Yet, i moved forward in life with numerous lessons learnt, taking along valuable teachings and a small part of my heart always aching and wishing silently, to go back to school….

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