A Sunday Morning Rendezvous

I am not a person with really healthy habits so witnessing dawns are rare and infrequent on my part. Something which stands completely opposite to my husband’s habits. He is more of a morning person and on this particularly peaceful and sleepy Sunday morning, he declared that both of us should go for a stroll together. So, Multiple snoozes and several scoldings later, i finally detached myself from the comforts of my bed and got ready for the morning patrol.
My husband is choosy of places and thus after a lot of probing, zeroed in on a large water body.
This lake is probably the largest in the city and is facilitated by an adjoining park for people to relax and enjoy the scenery.
As we entered the park, the first feeling I got was simply blissful.

Greenery, sight of sparkling lake water and chirping birds do have a calming effect on your mind but it was still not enough to weigh down the heavenly comforts of a snuggle under a blanket, tucked into the bed. Mmm..my reviere was broken by a pat on my head by my husband. Before he could start his first phase of morning benefits lecture, I decided to run away.
After a really tiring jog, I decided to take a break and perched myself on a nearby bench. Now, here comes the best part. When you have nothing to do, you observe others and that’s how I spent the next half an hour.

I noticed two slim girls jogging on the sideboard, talking and giggling, shaking their ponytails in sync as they jogged. Judging by the structure of their body, they were the ones who hardly needed any exercise but surprisingly, seemed to be the most efficient joggers in the park. Sitting beside me, was a plump man with a paunch who has been sleepily yawning and picking on his teeth for quite some time. As the girls approached in his direction, he suddenly seemed very much inspired by them and started swaying his hands with vigour in a manner that seemed to be some sort of exercise. Suddenly when the girls were at the closest distance, he started the yogasana which involves sucking ur belly in for a period of time and letting it out thereafter. Bewildered, as i looked on, it took some time for me to understand that he was actually trying to impress the girls. Ow! Me, the simpleton. Man! Sucking in your cheeks and belly at the same time for a substantial period of time does require practice. Nevertheless, the stick thin girls were busy noticing some stud who seemed to have all his face parts pierced and thus our chubby man, disappointed stopped his efforts and walked away.
Two naughty kids entered the gate screaming and made a rush for the lake straightaway while a confused dog, awaken from his deep sleep by the sudden noise straightened up and wandered off to find a new , quiet place to sleep. The mom ran after them and the dad who armed two kid bags,holding two coconuts ran after his entire family, perhaps in an attempt to save even one from slipping into the lake. He did catch his wife who in turn held on to the two little devils on time. The family settled down on the steps of the lake while i looked out for something more interesting.

Entered a couple, the woman in jeans and the guy in his tracks. Why, i wondered. Sitting by the lakeside, the girl murmured something in the man’s ears, stood up and flared her hands in the air, 90 degrees to the lower body and faked a plastic smile for about 5 whole minutes while the man started searching for something inside an oversized bag. He seemed to have lost something, somewhere inside the bag. Finally when he found the camera, the time came to 5 minutes 51 secs. Yep! I was on my stopwatch. Girl! Dat was amazing. Even I can’t pose with a plastic smile for that long. Inspiring!
Nonetheless, the camera was out and in the next 7 minutes, the girl posed in 71 different styles and the patient man kept clicking. Where was my hubby? He disappears whenever I find great icons as this man.

I spotted him far away, behind a bush in a seating position and thought, why in this world was he in such a hurry to attend the nature’s call here. Worried, I glanced around to make sure if there were no people around and to my horror, there was a group who surrounded him. Wat the hell! Do guys pee in groups?
I peeked in for details, and it was then that I got the entire picture.He was sitting and aiming at a butterfly with our new DSLR. Oh! Thank God!

10 other such photo enthusiasts were found aiming their beastly cameras on beetles, cows, underwater fishes and what not, probably to show off their skills and camera both on Instagram.
I continued my endeavor with people, scribbling notes on my fone when hubby came peeking into the open app on my fone from behind and chided me ” wow, morning walk turns u into a writer”. I gave a sarcastic smile. If this lake can turn him into a photographer, den writing about this experience is certainly easier.


There were more visitors now. I realised You don’t hav to necessarily wear a sweatshirt and a trackpants to be able to jog. You can wear almost anything and start running. The thought crossed my mind as my husband showed me a saree clad woman jumping up and down vigorously, swaying her arms in sync with her feet with just no inhibitions, not even a slightest streak of fear of the saree knots giving away. White sneakers and green saree did make a good combination though.
Dumbstruck, i wondered why do sports apparel manufacturers such as adidas and Nike even exist? This woman can make them run for their money.
Another man discussing business requirements strode beside a veteran runner who had an odometer strapped to her arm,
A bird fussing over grass peeking about for food, a squatted man with closed eyes in a certain yoga position, the girl from that strange couple reapplying make up, probably for some more pictures, as the poor and now sweating man voicing out fake praises, wiping sweat off his brow, a burqa clad woman with her husband and a child in tow, sudden yap of a cute pug puppy who seemed to be enjoying his morning chores, a group of senior citizens whose forced laughter filled up the air every 3 minutes, a soaring bird lowering onto the water and turning into a sailing crane within a blink. This list could go on forever.



Now that the sun was shining bright and soon the city traffic would start jamming the streets, my hubby suggested we should make a move. But this place was so peaceful, that wanting to leave was the last thing on my mind. Yet, i got up, dusting my trackpants, bidding adeiu to this beautiful place, but taking with me, all the crazy memories which will remain etched on my mind throughout the day.

6 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning Rendezvous

  1. I am yet to find a script about a random lazy Sunday morning that is crisp,informative,funny and meaningful all at the same time.Each sentence feels better than the previous one and I can only wonder what’s in store for future,if this happens to be your first blog.Arshi,you are already I writer and each word speaks for the finesse that’s within you,and it’s time the world should get the complete peek of it now.Loved every ink.Love it to pieces.Keep writing and keep inspiring.


  2. Beautifully sketched….the morning landscape of a water body. Human endeavor for health….birds for forage. Quite interesting. U have made a lazy Sunday morning interactive…. Just as every bit of it ready to mingle with. Just take a plunge n soak yourself with Joy’s of nature via this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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